The company "pingo" was founded in 2014 and the same year he appeared on the market. Company founders are four brothers: Gela, George, David and Vito Gelashvilis. The team, which has had 15 years of experience in the manufacturing field, set a goal, a new ice cream brand in the output of the low price and high quality.

The project also contributed by the development of the governmental program "Invest in Georgia".

Ice cream "Pingo" is made from ecologically clean raw materials and the production of appropriate environmental conditions. 80% of ice cream is imported raw. At this point, the company uses the highest quality ingredients, as it is butter of "Valio" and milk of "Roshen".

The company has a laboratory, whose main function is the inspection of imported of raw material and the finished product. The stuff of "Pingo" has a few years of experience and qualifications in the production of ice cream.

Production has been granted the "ISO" certificate, which confirms the high quality of products and the strict observance of sanitary norms in the enterprise.

The company aims to expand its network, with its development and maintenance of a constant quality.


  • Gela Gelashvili
  • David Gelashvili
  • Giorgi Gelashvili
  • Vito Gelashvili